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I’m a reporter, writer, producer, or other media professional. Do you take interview requests?

Absolutely! Use the contact us form below or email us at podcast at 1Pvs2P dot com.

Can I hire you or sponsor a video or podcast ad? How about freelance writing, consulting, or speaking?

Sure! Well, probably. We'd love to a hear from you. Let's talk it over. You can use the contact us form below or email us at podcast at 1Pvs2P dot com to start the conversation.

I'm an indie game developer. Can you stream, write about, or discuss my game on your podcast?

It depends. Is it good? But seriously, we play video games as a hobby, not to make a living. That being said, we're open to almost anything. Send us a link to your work using the contact us form below or email us at podcast at 1Pvs2P dot com.

Can I discuss, reference, or quote your video, podcast, or blog post?

Yes, absolutely, please do! That’s fair use as long as you attribute us as the source. Please don't repost our content verbatim without crediting us...especially if it's for commercial media purposes. Who wouldn't want credit for their own work? Also, thank you!

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