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Ryan Reeh is the founding editor at 1Pvs2P.com, streamer, and co-host of the 1P vs. 2P Podcast. He grew up schooling his fellow gamers around the neighborhood, earning him respect as player 1 among his friends. Then, the Internet came around. Online multiplayer was not kind to him.


Taylor Reeh is 1Pvs2P.com's webmaster, social media manager, streamer, and contributing editor. He also co-hosts and produces the 1P vs. 2P Podcast. The younger of the Reeh brothers, he assumed the player 2 status for multiplayer games at an early age. Don't worry, though; he always got the "good controller."

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The 1P vs. 2P Podcast is hosted by 1Pvs2P.com editors and longtime gamers Ryan & Taylor Reeh.

Started in February 2015, the show breaks down the latest top stories in video game news, reviews, history, music, and gaming culture. Episodes also feature industry interviews, new releases, and other features about the gaming world.

All episodes are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international license.

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► 1Pvs2P.com editor Taylor Reeh interviews indie developer Momin Khan of Richmond-based Root 76, who demoed their upcoming multiplayer game Clash Cup Turbo (PC/Mac) at MAGFest 2016.