EP39: ♫ #Pokemon20 Playlist ♫


We're celebrating Pokémon's 20th anniversary with a playlist of our favorite dance remixes and chiptune-inspired arrangements of the series's soundtracks, by the talented musicians of GameChops and OverClocked ReMix! Featuring:

00:00 - Pokéhat (Pokémaster Redux) by GRIMECRAFT
04:06 - Cerulean Dancefloor by RobKTA & Dj CUTMAN
09:08 - Midnight Mass by Doni
13:03 - Trapped in a Pokéball by Belthesar & Dj CUTMAN
16:11 - Argent Vexemon by The Orichalcon
19:38 - Pokémon Stadium by Dj CUTMAN
21:10 - Welcome Back to Hoenn by Ralfington
24:04 - Pokémotion by Dj CUTMAN feat. RobKTA & Emily Davidson
28:38 - Bullet for My Pillowswine by halc

Links to all artists' tracks featured on this episode are at http://www.1pvs2p.com/shownotes/2016/2/29/ep39-pokemon20-playlist