EP91: ♫ #VideoGamesChristmas Playlist ♫

It’s that time of year...holiday music everywhere in December, including our show! In this episode, you’ll hear 9 iconic video game tracks remixed with holiday twists, all from the very talented artists at Scarlet Moon Records and GameChops.

What video games are you planning to play over the holidays? We’d love to hear from you! Tell us at http://www.1Pvs2P.com/contactus and we might just read or play your message on our next episode!

Links to buy all artists' tracks featured on this episode are at http://www.1Pvs2P.com/shownotes/2017/12/8/show-notes-ep91-videogameschristmas-playlist-

00:00 - Christmas Garden (Yoshi's Island) by Mustin
02:34 - Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64) by Justin Lassen
04:47 - Winter/White Land (F-Zero) by Mustin
07:50 - Frigid/Snowy Scenery (Shenmue) by VECTORDRIVE
10:43 - Aspertia City - Winter (Pokémon Black & White 2) by Materia
14:03 - Suteki Da Ne - Holiday Version (Final Fantasy X) by Goomin Nam
18:00 - Troian Beauty (Final Fantasy IV) by Jayson Napolitano
21:27 - Peaceful Christmas (Chrono Trigger) by Dale North
24:36 - Toy Day (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) by Tokyo Elvis