GameChops' DJ Cutman Ends Popular 'This Week in Chiptune' Music Show

Video game music producer and performer Chris Davidson, better known as Dj Cutman, announced over the weekend that he will end his popular music show "This Week in Chiptune" after its 200th episode.

Scouted by Twitch as one of its first music partners, Dj Cutman gained a big cult following among game music fans, with "This Week in Chiptune" racking millions of views as a weekly video livestream on Twitch and YouTube and listens as a podcast.


His show wasn't just limited to 8-bit chiptunes as the show's name suggests. "This Week in Chiptune" also featured EDM, hip-hop, jazz fusion, and other genres of video game remixes from independent artists around the world. At one point, Dj Cutman's show was highlighted as a featured podcast on iTunes' digital storefront, alongside music releases by Taylor Swift and Daft Punk.

"This show has become an incredible catalog of the chiptune releases that have taken place over the past four years, and I couldn't be happier with it in a time where chiptune music and chiptune musicians have become household names to many of us," Dj Cutman shared during his latest episode. "It's been an awesome time for chiptune music, and this whole thing has brought us together as a community, which I think is really great.”

“[With] 200 episodes I feel like 'This Week in Chiptune' is going to have become all that it can be.”

Fans and fellow remixers reacted to the news of the show's upcoming finale on Twitter:

It's not clear what led Dj Cutman to pull the plug on "This Week in Chiptune," but he continues to run GameChops, a gaming record label he founded five years ago, and a new project called "Radio Cutman," a 24/7 YouTube audio stream of instrumental music and video game remixes.

Dj Cutman is also well known for performing live at MAGFest annually, though neither he nor convention organizers confirmed his appearance for MAGFest 2018 yet.