Club Penguin is Shutting Down, but /r/bannedfromclubpenguin Will Never Die (NSFW)

Club Penguin, Disney’s interactive chat game for kids, will shut down on March 27, 2017. Through a recent press release, Disney announced that a new game, Club Penguin Island, will replace the desktop and mobile versions of its predecessor. Club Penguin was a significant social networking service (when Disney bought the game from its developers in 2007, the business deal was valued at $700 million) that spawned fan sites, wikis, and inspired other online game groups. For players who learned to socialize online while in the community over the last decade, this is bittersweet.

Among the most infamous communities is the "Banned From Club Penguin" subreddit, a priceless chronicle of the most ludicrous, offensive screenshots taken by interlopers banned from the game's servers. We don't endorse online bullying or harassment, but from a historical gaming perspective, these trolls tested the limits of word filters and the almighty banhammer. Here are some of the most upvoted posts of all time from /r/bannedfromclubpenguin.

UPDATE: It turns out Club Penguin shut down as of 12:01 AM PST on March 30, 2017, three days after we originally reported. Nonetheless, /r/bannedfromclubpenguin shut itself down in the most appropriate and brilliant way possible: