The Pinball Arcade's Legendary Bally & Williams Tables Will be Delisted This Weekend

Dozens of the most popular pinball tables of all time will be permanently removed from all versions of The Pinball Arcade this week.

WMS Industries, the company that holds the intellectual property rights to Bally and Williams pinball trademarks, chose not to renew FarSight Studios' licensing agreement for The Pinball Arcade. This means all versions of the game will lose more than 60 fan-favorite tables, including The Addams Family, Terminator 2, Medieval Madness, Black Knight, Bride of Pinbot, Twilight Zone, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tales of the Arabian Nights, and many more.

In an official announcement on The Pinball Arcade's Facebook page, FarSight explains that after June 30, 2018, "tables from [Bally & Williams] will no longer be offered for sale." However, anyone who purchases any tables from these two manufacturers before the deadline "will continue to own and have access to them within The Pinball Arcade."

The expiring license will have a huge impact on the game; 61 out of the 94 tables currently available in The Pinball Arcade are either Bally or Williams tables. FarSight posted the complete list of tables to be pulled on the game’s Facebook page.

Unfortunately, the impending deadline won't affect the tables' prices during their final week of availability. FarSight says that their license with WMS prohibits them from discounting Bally or Williams tables.

The Pinball Arcade launched in 2012 on iOS and Android, but it has since been released on many other platforms, including the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game's simulated collection of real pinball tables features licensed tables by other major pinball manufacturers, including Gottlieb, Stern Pinball, and Avin G. and Company. With 65% of the tables gone soon, players will have to look somewhere else for their Bally or Williams pinball fix.

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