'Everyone Knows Kojumbo Genius' Behind Mobile Rip-off of Death Stranding

There has been little revealed about the gameplay of Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima's current project, the upcoming PS4-exclusive Death Stranding, which was announced during E3 2016. The famed game designer and director released another bizarre Death Stranding teaser trailer at E3 2018. With little explanation about it since then, Kojima fans are speculating rampantly about the meanings behind the game's convoluted promotional material released thus far.

Deadly Stranding, a real game available for Android devices, is playing off of Death Stranding's deliberate obscurity by parodying the concept. Deadly Stranding's Google Play app description is hilariously bad:

unnamed (1).png

"You can finally try playing the great genius Kojumbo.

Everyone knows Kojumbo genius.

Therefore, the game is brilliant.

There was a global catastrophe. The big explosion changed the familiar world and the water began to go away. All marine animals are stranded. Death spread all over the planet. There were strange dark creatures. The birth rate of children has stopped, but there is a small ray of hope in the form of a new child over the past many years."

Several user reviews of Deadly Stranding are even better:

Some gaming news outlets, including Kotaku and IGN, reported about this Death Stranding knock-off this week, but according to its Google Play app listing, Deadly Stranding had been available for download since last year.

Thanks "Kojumbo!" Hopefully "Kronami" doesn't unceremoniously fire you too!