1Pvs2P.com is Accepting Applications and individual submissions from any Writers

We're looking for regular or guest contributors to write op-eds, columns, essays, and other similar articles on our blog here: We're open to pitches on any topic in gaming: news, reviews, previews, history, music, and culture. If we like what you write, we may invite you to join our podcast, produce edited video content, or even livestream out to our Twitch, YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook Live channels.

You can email us at podcast@1Pvs2P.com or fill out the form below to you send your application or individual pitches in. Be sure to submit links to your best work so that we can see you at your best. 

We run this site at a loss through Squarespace CMS. We wish it weren't true, but we don't make any money ourselves through this site nor our social media channels. Unfortunately, that means we can't pay you either for submissions. However, articles are allowed any links to personal Patreons, Paypal donation links, Ko-Fi, or any other self-promotion or donation system the author chooses. We know "exposure" doesn't pay the bills; we can relate. If you can monetize your content by any other means yourself while it's hosted here for free, and you're looking to build up your writing or multimedia portfolio for a career in games journalism or criticism, then this outlet would be perfect for you.

As such, you retain all intellectual rights to your work hosted on 1Pvs2P.com. We don't have exclusivity clauses or non-compete clauses. You can repost or remove your content from our site at your leisure, in full or in part, at any time. While a link back to this site is appreciated, it's not required. All of your work is without contract, and belongs to you first, and allowed to us second.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Thanks for your interest!

-Ryan & Taylor Reeh

Managing Editors, 1Pvs2P.com

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